C3 was borne out of a simple realization. A small team of entrepreneurs in the health and wellness space – biohackers, if you will – had an epiphany based on a few obvious notions. They knew that intense cold had worked wonders on their bodies after training. They also knew that the combination of intense cold and heat can help transform the skin and reduce the signs of aging. They knew that people would embrace technology that focused this cold and heat treatment on specific, localized areas. And they knew that business owners like yourself could generate huge revenue by capitalizing on this growth of the fitness, wellness and anti-aging industries.

So we, a few American entrepreneurs, worked to create C3, an innovative new device that delivers a cold and heat experience in a specific area. Our patent pending C3 cooling technology combines with our exclusive C3 Gel to deliver a level of cold and heat that goes right to the core.


This is a simple, user-friendly device that your clients will appreciate. They will immediately recognize the benefit of adding this to their wellness regimen. Which is why you need to add it to your business model. You earn revenue from every client usage, and trust us, they will keep using it – because it works. In fact, C3 produces revenue for you every 15 minutes – and the more C3 devices you have, obviously the more profit you make. No rocket science there.

If you’re already a C3 device owner, click here for tutorials, downloads, and to order more Gel products.


C3 has more than one application and more than one temperature setting. This innovative technology uses cold and heat to soothe sore muscles, alleviate joint pain, enhance recovery time while also rejuvenating the skin and reducing the signs of aging.

This unique and versatile device can be used at the gym, in the training room or even at the spa making your opportunities to generate revenue, endless.

C3 facials are all natural and non-invasive. This is not cool sculpting nor is it a Cryo Skin or T shock device. 

This is pretty cool. And super cold.

Our C3 device features a modern design, made with premium American plastic and components. We wouldn’t have it any other way. But it more than just looks cool, the usability is quite slick, too. There are intuitive touch screen controls, our Wand Technology is super simple to handle, lightweight, and we’ve embedded important safety features. C3 is also backed by an American manufacturer 2-year warranty.

"Finally a device that is better than ice and heating pads.”

– Tanner F., USA

“C3 is changing people’s faces.”

– Raul A., Mexico

“We have clients that use C3 every day and see benefits in back and joint pain relief.”

– Junior O., Australia

“Amazing add on revenue producer!"

– Matt T., USA

“The anti-aging gel is amazing and hydrates my face - it looks and feels 10 years younger"

– Vanessa F., USA

“Affordable but colder and warmer than the expensive comparable products. Plus, it's made in the USA"

– Chris A., USA

“Quick and easy to use, some clients use it on themselves"

– Mark W., USA

“C3 is the perfect recovery tool. As a collegiate sports performance coach, I understand the importance of proper recovery as it relates to athletic performance. Cold therapy is an key piece in the recovery puzzle. The C3 is efficient, effective, and should be included in almost every athletes recovery regimen."

– Blake W., USA

“Amazing alternative to the CryoSkin and Tshock devices - it's affordable, portable and effective."

– Sarah H., USA

USA Company

2-Year Warranty

Strong ROI